Mission & Vision


The mission of the TSGC is to advocate for the genetic counseling profession and genetic counseling services in Texas by expanding awareness of the profession, promoting genetic education, increasing patient access to genetic services, and providing genetic resources.

The vision of the TSGC is to be the leading advocate for the genetic counseling profession, genetic services and genetic education for the state of Texas.


Strategic Plan 2016-2020


TSGC will be the leading resource for genetic service providers in Texas.

-        TSGC will identify and form strategic partnerships with other organizations to improve the delivery of and access to genetic services.

-        TSGC will work with the National Society of Genetic Counselors to establish relationships with 3rd party payors to provide input and guidance regarding coverage of genetic services.

-        TSGC will actively participate in the legislative process that impacts genetic services in Texas.

-        TSGC will maintain current directories of clinical services and membership throughout the state made available on the TSGC website

TSGC will achieve licensure of genetic counselors in Texas.

-        TSGC will identify and meet with representatives to campaign for our cause.

-        TSGC will have a licensure bill to the floor in 2017.

-        TSGC will have the rules and regulations written and will accept applications by 2018.

TSGC will continue to increase awareness of genetic counselors and genetic counseling among consumers and medical providers.

-        TSGC will continue to build the brand for TSGC through marketing, outreach, and educational opportunities to community-based and non-genetics specific professional and organizational meetings.

-        TSGC will promote genetics education by creating educational tools for the medical community and patients.

-        TSGC will promote visibility of genetic counselors and provide access to genetic resources through social media and the TSGC website.

TSGC will foster professional development for genetic counselors in Texas

-        TSGC will provide opportunities for continuing education credits through the Annual Education Conference and NSGC-sponsored events